8 Best Ceiling Fan For 8′ Ceiling

CJOY Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control, 62 Inch Dimmable Modern Ceiling Fan with 9 Reversible Blades for Living Room Office Covered Patio, DC Silent Motor, Black

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Westinghouse Lighting 7224800 Widespan Industrial Ceiling Fan with Remote, 100 Inch, Matte Black

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Chriari 60” Ceiling Fan With Remote and Wall Control, Walnut Ceiling Fan with 3 Wood Blades, 6 Speeds Smart Timing Reversible DC Motor, Modern Black Ceiling Fan for Indoor Outdoor Farmhouse/Patios

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BOJUE 52” wood Ceiling fans with lights,Indoor Outdoor Black Ceiling with 3 Blade Fan and 3 Down-rods Reversible DC Motor for Patio, Living Room,Bedroom,Office,Summer House,Etc

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iLiving 96-Inch, 8 feet HVLS 9 Blades BLDC Big Ceiling Fan, High Volume Low Speed Fan, Reversible, for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential, 17000 CFM with IR Remote

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warmiplanet Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control, 52 Inch, Brushed Nickel, 3-Blades

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ocioc Quiet Ceiling Fan with LED Light 22 inch Large Air Volume Remote Control for Kitchen Bedroom Dining room Patio

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Portage Bay 50251 Hugger 52″ Matte Black West Hill Ceiling Fan with Bowl Light Kit

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Can you put a ceiling fan on a 8 foot ceiling?

Building codes and safety concerns make it difficult for some ceilings to handle standard mount fans. If your ceiling is less than 8 feet high, a standard mount fan will not work for you.

What size ceiling fan do I need for an 8 foot ceiling?

If you have a ceiling between 8 and 9 feet, you need a ceiling fan that is at least 12 inches from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fixture.

Are 8 ft ceilings OK?

Houses were constructed with less interior space in order to cut heating and cooling costs. The insulation and heating/cooling systems in the home have vastly improved since then.

Is an 8 foot ceiling considered low?

The minimum ceiling height in the US is eight feet. The ceilings in a basement can be as low as eight feet high.

Is a 52 inch fan too big for a 12×12 room?

The fan span should be 36 inches for rooms up to 100 square feet, 42 inches for up to 200 square feet, 52 inches for up to 400 square feet, and 56 inches for rooms larger than 400 square feet.

Can you put a ceiling fan on a 7 foot ceiling?

The ceiling fan’s blades have to be at least 7 feet away from the floor. It’s not possible to meet building codes with a ceiling fan on a 7 foot ceiling since the blades have to be zero inches from the ceiling to meet code.

Do ceiling fans work with low ceilings?

The benefits of low-profile ceiling fans can be seen in both indoor and outdoor areas. Adding a stylish touch to your room’s lighting can be accomplished with hugger ceilingfans. In smaller rooms with low ceilings, close-mount ceiling fans save space because they have a slim motor housing.

How do you know if a ceiling fan is too big for a room?

Is a ceiling fan too large for a room? A ceiling fan that is too big will pull the ceiling down and a fan that is too small will not circulate the air in the room.

How do I know if my ceiling will hold a fan?

The manufacturer should have marked the outlet box system as acceptable for ceiling fan installation. The box must be attached securely to the structure if it is not listed.

What are the advantages of 8-foot ceilings?

One of the advantages of having 8-foot ceilings is that heating the space can be done more quickly and efficiently than if the ceilings were higher, which means lower heating costs during the winter. The benefit of living in a home with 8-foot ceilings is that it’s cheaper to use oil.

Are low ceilings a deal breaker?

The following is a list of the 7 things. The ceilings are not very high. According to Jacobs, the problem shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. She says that if the price reflects the compromise, you should be able to get into the market.

Can you put a ceiling fan on a low ceiling?

If you have a small room, you don’t have to give up on bringing in more air into your home. No matter the size of your space, a low-profile ceiling fan will allow you to feel the breeze.

Is there a minimum height for ceiling fans?

You will feel the fan more if you are close to it. If you want the blade to sit between 2.1 and 2.4 metres above the ground, you should install the fan. If the ceiling fan blades are not raised, your installation will be in violation of the building code.

Can you get ceiling fans for low ceilings?

Modern homes can have low ceilings, but they should not stop you from installing a ceiling fan. There is a range of fans for low ceilings on the page. The models were selected because of their small depth and ability to be fitted tightly to a ceiling.

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