9 Best Thermometer For Lye

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Can you use an infrared thermometer for soap making?

It’s ideal for reading the surface temperature and can be used with your soaps, candles, and cheese making.

What temperature should lye and oil be?

If you want to add your lye solution, make sure your oils are below 150f. It’s a good idea to mix your solution in advance so it’s at room temperature. Most of the time, it is 65 to 75F.

Can I use a regular thermometer for soap making?

If you want to have successful batches of soap, you need a reliable thermometer. I don’t need to clean a candy thermometer, but I do like using one that’s a little hotter. This is true if you are testing the temperature of lye.

Do you need rubbing alcohol to make a thermometer?

You will need a clear, narrow-necked plastic bottle and rubbing alcohol.

What is the difference between IR thermometer and laser thermometer?

It’s possible to get an instantaneous reading on the radiation emitted by an object with the help of an IR thermometer. The built in laser allows the user to aim the gun directly at the object being measured.

What is the best temperature for hot process soap?

Most of the time, the soap will temp between 200 and 220 degrees F. It is possible to put the soap in the mold at this point.

What is the best thing to mix lye water in?

The best materials to use are HDPE and PP. The containers with these codes have a high resistance to lye.

Do you put lye first or water?

Measure the correct amounts into separate containers if you want to mix water and lye. The lye should be slowly added to the water if you don’t have the correct amounts. It’s never a good idea to add water to the lye.

Does lye water go bad?

It’s a good idea to use the lye within a year of purchase. It needs to be kept out of the water. The word hygroscopic means that lye attracts moist air. It won’t be as effective in your recipe if it’s exposed to air that has a lot of humidity.

What is the best percentage of lye for soap making?

Modern Soapmaking uses a 33% lye solution, as it’s usually a manageable water discount during the soapmaking process, but also hardens up a little quicker to get the soap out of the mold! A 40% lye solution is called a strong water discount.

Does cold water neutralize lye?

If you spill raw soap on yourself, rinse it with cold water. If you have small splashes of lye water or soap batter on your skin, rinse, rinse, rinse with lots of cold water.

Do you need a thermometer for melt and pour soap?

The temperature of the melted soap base can be measured with a Thermometer. There are two ways to use a candy thermometer.

How do you measure soap for making?

Measuring cups are not appropriate for using a scale. Digital scales should be used to weigh soap ingredients. It is necessary to use an exact ratio of oils and lye. If you use measuring cups, you may end up with a soap that is too soft or too hard.

What is the best temperature for hot process soap?

Most of the time, the soap will temp between 200 and 220 degrees. The soap can be put in the mold.

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