Does Mercury Thermometer Expire?

“If you have a mercury thermometer, the old-school glass ones, it will last forever,” said Dr. Lipschitz. Never ceases to be the case. If you own a digital one, it has a shelf life.

Do mercury thermometers lose accuracy over time?

The markings on your tape measure or measuring cup don’t change over time, but they do lose their accuracy over time.

Why are mercury filled thermometers no longer used?

Mercury is listed as a toxic substance in the Environmental Protection Agency’s database. The sale of mercury-laden thermometers is not allowed in a number of states.

How do I know if my mercury thermometer is accurate?

If your temperature is less than 32F, you can take the ice bath test to see if you can get a accurate temperature. The advantage of this method is that a properly made ice bath will always keep the temperature at 32F.

How do you know if a thermometer is bad?

If you want to keep the stem from touching the glass, put it in the ice water at least an inch deep. Wait for the temperature to register, it usually takes a few minutes. If the temperature is less than 32 F or less than 0 C, it’s not accurate.

What year did they stop making mercury thermometers?

The phase-out is over. Due to the toxicity of mercury, many countries have banned mercury-in-glass thermometers for medical use.

Do hospitals still use mercury thermometers?

Mercury is present in hospitals in the form of clinical thermometers and sphygmomanometers, where it can cause a potentially hazardous spillage. The mercury release after a spill is enhanced by the higher ambient temperatures.

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How do you dispose of mercury at home?

There is a safe way to dispose of MercuryContaining items. Mercury shouldn’t be put in the garbage. There are approved waste disposal facilities that can safely collect, recycle, or dispose of mercury.

Does a mercury thermometer require calibration?

A full recalibration is what it is. A single point recalibration at the ice point (0 C) is not necessary for mercury-filled thermometers that are used at temperatures of 200 C and below.

What causes thermometers to lose their accuracy?

Exposure to temperatures outside of the operating range can cause damage to internal components and cause incorrect readings. The components that make up a thermometer are sensitive to shock and vibration.

Why does my thermometer keep giving different readings?

The temperature of the room you are measuring in can be different than the temperature on the thermometer. The ear canal can be different depths or angles.

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