How Do I Know What Air Con Gas Is In My Car?

If you lift your bonnet, you can see a stick that says R132a or 1234yf. If you go to a specialist to get your aircon regassed, you will know what gas you should be getting.

What gas is in my car air con?

Vehicles with R134A gas are common before the year 2014). The new R1234YF air con gas is more eco-friendly and has been included in all vehicles with air conditioning since January 1.

How do I know what refrigerant my car has?

A/C Pro® can help you find out whichrigerant your car uses. Under the hood is where you should look for this information. A white or bright yellow label is what you will see when you pop the hood. It’s possible that it will say “R-134a” or “R-1234yf.”

Is there a difference between 134a and R134a?

There is no difference between the two refrigerants, other than the manufacturer.

How do I know if my car is R-12 or R134a?

If you see a sticker under the hood that says R134a, it’s likely that it’s been converted. R134a is found on the charge parts.

Can I recharge my car AC myself?

Refrigerant can leak slowly from your car’s air conditioning system over time, but it’s an easy project to do yourself and take just 15 minutes.

What happens if you put the wrong refrigerant in your car?

The air conditioning system will be damaged if you put the wrong type of refrigerant in your car. Do it yourself A/C charging may not be a good idea if you don’t know what kind of refrigerant your car takes.

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What happens if you mix 134a with 1234yf?

The mixing of R-134a with R-1234yf will change the pressure in the system and may result in a freeze up.

When was R134a banned?

On January 1, 2021, the EPA will begin to phase out R134a, R410A, and R408 from new products.

Why R134a is not used in AC?

The internal A/C components are damaged by R134a when it forms hydrofluoric acid.

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