How To Tell Brand Of Ceiling Fan?

How do I find out what brand my ceiling fan is?

If you’re looking for a fan with a model name, you can search for it by searching without spaces. The identification numbers on your fan can be found by looking for a sticker on the motor.

How can I tell what model my Hampton Bay fan is?

You can find your model number by looking at the inside of the housing for the sticker. You need assistance if you can’t locate the model number or the UPC.

How do I identify my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan model?

There is a model number on the top of the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan box and the instruction manual contain it. The model number is usually 5 digits long while the item number is 6 digits long.

How do you match a ceiling fan?

Are you looking for the perfect finish for your ceiling fan? If you can identify the most used color of wood in the room, you can choose a fan that uses blades of that color. Pick out the most used color of the metal hardware in the room and get a fan that has that finish as well.

Do all ceiling fans fit the same?

When looking for a ceiling fan for your room, you can find four common sizes. They can be small, medium, large, and great. Below is a table showing the sizes and blade spans. The table gives a general guide for ceiling fan size in your room.

Are all ceiling fans universal?

Some types of blades are the same as others. To get it out of the way, the blades we sell at are manufacturer specific, so they only work with that specific manufacturer’s fans.

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Is Hampton Bay a Home Depot brand?

Home décor pieces that are easy to install and use are offered by The Home Depot’sHampton Bay brand.

How can you tell how old a ceiling fan is?

The fan’s date code is four digits long. The date code is on a sticker on the top of the fan. There is a sticker on the ceiling mount.

Are there different types of ceiling fans?

Fans for outdoor use come in three different ratings: damp, wet and dry. If the fan is used in a covered outdoor area or in an indoor bathroom it will be exposed to high humidity.

What is the number for Harbor Breeze ceiling fan?

You can contact Harbor Breeze customer service by calling the manufacturer at Fanim or the parent company at 1 to 800 or 1292 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00PM. When you call, keep the model number on hand.

Do ceiling fans have serial numbers?

If the product is a ceiling fan, there is no need for the serial number. The motor housing has a serial number on it. It will be a long number in the beginning.

Is Harbor Breeze a good ceiling fan?

Harbor Breeze’s Armitage ceiling fan is a budget friendly pick that works with a variety of styles. You can get a bulk- buy discount if you outfit your entire home with it.

Should ceiling fans blend in or stand out?

There are some rules to remember when selecting a fan. If you want a simple fan that blends in with the ceiling and surroundings, try to find one that is not too detailed or bold.

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How to tell if a light fixture box can support a ceiling fan?

The manufacturer should have marked the outlet box system as acceptable for ceiling fan installation. The box must be attached securely to the structure if it is not listed.

How can you tell how old a ceiling fan is?

The fan’s date code is four digits long. There is a sticker on the top of the fan’s body that has the date code on it. There is a sticker on the ceiling mount.

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