How Will The Thermometer Reading Change During The Experiment?

How does the thermometer change?

An example of heating and cooling a liquid would be a thermometer. When the liquid in the thermometer is heated, it causes it to move a bit further apart. The movement up the temperature is a result of this.

What can affect thermometer reading?

If your home is painted a dark color, you can increase the reading on your thermometer if it is too close to your house. A false warmer temperature can be given if the temperature is too close to the house or the ground.

What happens to the thermometer reading when the temperature increases?

The hotter a substance gets, the bigger it becomes. The behavior of thermal expansion can be seen in almost all substances. The design and operation of thermometers are based on this. The volume of the liquid increases as it gets hotter.

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Why do thermometers give different readings?

You can get different readings for different parts of the body. Ear readings can be up to 0.6C higher than oral readings, while forehead and armpit readings can be down.

How does a thermometer work simple explanation?

A small, hollow glass tube is used to make the thermometer. Alcohol or mercury can be found at the bottom of the tube. The liquid inside the bulb expands when it gets hotter. The liquid can move down the tube if the heat is decreased.

What does a thermometer measure and how does it do it?

A thermometer is used to measure the temperature. It can be used to measure the temperature of food, water, or air. The temperature can be measured in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and kelvin. The metric system has two scales: the Celsius scale and the metric system.

Can thermometer be wrong?

It’s not possible to provide accurate results if you use a thermometer wrong. It’s never a good idea to use a meat or laboratory temperature on someone. Accurate readings will not be provided by these.

What could be some of the consequences when temperature reading is incorrect?

The aging of organic materials and the high temperature can lead to embrittlement and weaken the material. Losing flexibility and cracking can be caused by high temperatures.

Which change increases the sensitivity of the thermometer?

A substance that has a high coefficients of expansion and uniform expansion can be used to increase the sensitivity of a thermometer.

Why does melting and boiling take place without temperature change?

The temperature doesn’t change when the bonds between the molecule are broken. When fusion is boiling, more bonds have to be broken than when it is melting.

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What increases the sensitivity of a thermometer?

Some of the factors that increase sensitivity are: using a thermometer with a smaller glass bulb, as a smaller bulb contains less liquid and therefore, absorbs heat in a shorter time. As a small change in volume results in a larger distance along the tube, it is a good idea to use a narrow tube.

Which is more accurate thermometer?

How accurate is the thermometer? Digital oral and rectal thermometers are more accurate than paper ones. The best way to measure core temperature is by using rectal thermometers.

How accurate are body thermometers?

The body’s temperature is determined by rectal temperatures. The oral and axillary temperature readings can be as low as 12 to 1F. The temperature was 3C.

How does a thermometer work particle theory?

Particle theory can be worked on by a thermometer. When the liquid in the thermometer is heated, it causes it to move a bit further apart. The movement up the temperature is a result of this.

How does a thermometer measure temperature quizlet?

The expansion of a water and alcohol mixture is what bulb thermometers are used for. You can see the mark on the scale by looking at the height of the liquid. What are the workings of spring thermometers? As the temperature increases or decreases, the metal part inside the spring thermometer moves a pointer.

What is thermometer short answer?

A thermometer is used to measure the temperature of something. If you have a cold or a high temperature, you can use a Thermometer. The meaning of the word is simple, it’s made up of thermo and meter.

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What is a temperature in science?

There is a degree of hotness or coldness to an object. Earth science, meteorology, and physics are all over the place.

What temperature is a fever?

If your temperature is less than 100.4 F, you can get sick.

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