What Is Heat Pump Emergency Heat?

The heat pump emergency heat setting can be used when the heat pump needs a break. It works well to warm your home in cold weather. The emergency heat setting on your thermostat is a sign that it has been activated.

What is the difference between heat and emergency heat on a heat pump?

It is necessary to manually switch on emergency heat in temperatures below 30 degrees. If there is a sudden drop in temperature, auxiliary heat will turn on automatically.

Is it OK to run heat pump on emergency heat?

The answer is definitely yes if you have an all electric heat pump. Emergency heat costs more to run a heat pump. It is recommended that you only run in an emergency until your heat pump is fixed.

What does emergency heat mean on a heat pump?

When the temperature is too low for the heat pump to be able to remove heat from outside, you can use the Emergency Heat setting.

Is it cheaper to run heat pump or emergency heat?

If you use emergency heat, you will likely see a spike in your utility bills because it is more expensive. Emergency heat can be used for a short time.

What temperature is too cold for a heat pump?

If your house is air- sealed and insulated, an air-sourced heat pump can work well past -13 degrees. Supplemental heat, also known as a dual-fuel system, can be used if you live in extreme cold.

How long can you run heat pump on emergency heat?

Up to a couple of hours is how long the supplemental heating lasts. Your heat pump will give you a heating boost when auxiliary heat is used. auxiliary heat becomes useless if you have a heat pump that freezes.

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Should I put heat pump on emergency heat below 40 degrees?

There is no hot or cold air created by a heat pump. They use heat from the outdoors to warm the house. This process can work if the temperature is above 40F. The heat pump is unable to find enough heat to keep your home warm.

What temperature should I leave my heat pump on overnight?

During the winter months, we advise you to run your heat pump between 20 and 22 degrees if you want to keep it running all night. The temperature can be dropped to 16 to 18 degrees when this happens.

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