Which Way Does Air Filter Go In Return?

What happens if you install air filter backwards?

If your air handler has to work harder to make up for the loss of air flow through the filter, then you should install it backwards. It could lead to higher utility bills and possibly damage your air conditioning unit.

Which side of the air filter faces out?

The arrow should face the wall if you have a filter on it. Is there an arrow on your filter? The corner of one of the sides is where most filters have it. The side with the wire-frame should be facing out if it doesn’t have an arrow.

Which way should the airflow arrow point?

The arrow should be positioned so that it points at the direction the air is moving. Filters help to clean the air in your home. Before reaching the equipment of the furnace, the airflow arrow should point towards the blower motor.

Should you put an air filter in the return?

Is it a good idea to use a filter in the return vent? The return vent filter is needed if the air handler does not have a filter rack. If you have an air handler that has a filter, you don’t have to use a return vent filter.

Does the airflow arrow point?

There is an arrow pointing in the direction of the air movement. The point should be in the furnace compartment. The air handler or the furnace should be the point of contact for the filter inside the ductwork. If you use a filter that doesn’t have an arrow but has a mesh coating on one of the sides, you can use it.

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Can installing air filter in wrong direction ruin furnace?

The fibers of the furnace filters can’t do their job if they are placed backwards. Increased energy costs can be a result of this because your furnace has to work harder to get the same air flow. The furnace is more difficult to draw air from when particles are allowed to build up irregularly.

Does direction matter for air filter?

You don’t have to replace your air filter. It’s important to remember that air comes from your ducts, through the filter, and into the furnace. The furnace should always be pointed toward the arrow on the filter.

How do you know if air filter is installed correctly?

If you want to find the arrows for your filter, you need to first look at it. When the filter is installed correctly, the arrows will point to the direction in which the air is moving. The arrows tend to point towards the blower.

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